AJAX is used to update the content of a page without changing the URL of the webpage.
If you have seen Google Maps, then you have already seen AJAX at work. As you type an address in the search box of Google Maps, it shows you the location of your typed address without changing the URL of the webpage. Its applications can also be seen in shopping websites, where you have to sort products according to particular requirements like price, brand, etc. In simple words AJAX enables JavaScript to communicate with the server, and display the data appropriately in an interesting manner, which otherwise would require a server side scripting language.
AJAX is widely used in all web oriented applications. Our AJAX Training in Chennai focusing on real world application mostly. How the AJAX Call is made and how we are getting the responses for that type of calls. It will fast up your applications speed gradually. Learn AJAX with us and get benefited in low course fees and better knowledge.

  • Course-Level:Intermediate
  • Prerequisites:Understanding of Java script and XML
  • Duration: 25 hrs

Ajax training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction AJAX
  • AJAX Internals
  • XML Http Request Object
  • AJAX UI Tags
  • Div Tag
  • Submit Tag
  • Anchor Tag
  • Tabbed Panel Tag
  • Auto Completer Tag
    Although it could hardly be considered a formal requirement for the job, freelance Web designers without AJAX training might find themselves at a disadvantage in the marketplace. While there are other workable methods of asynchronous data transmission, AJAX allows a range of freedom in development that can help designers meet the needs of their clients without much difficulty. Some Web or applications design positions state specifically that they're looking for an AJAX developer. In these cases, AJAX training is likely to be listed as a requirement for applicants.