Asp.Net is one of the giant in contributing their web applications around the world. itself has numerous features such as event driven, enriched security, Performance tuning, drag and drop of server controls framework has numerous built-in futures. Updates to the web application can be provided by the on the fly in can has been designed to accept all upcoming changes and features revolving around the world. WCF, WPF, Silverlight, AZURE are the brand new features that have been included in the Growth of is enormous compare to other web applications. Web services has played a major role in the evolution of is following the OOP principles to grow along with the competitive market.
WCF is a next generation to the web services. It has come with advanced security and supports various protocols. WPF is next generation to the windows applications. It has come up with enrich new features in their layout. With a Silverlight we can do numerous animations in the web application itself.
AgileTEC will teach you the applications with real time scenarios. Experienced and corporate trainers will share their knowledge during the classes. Syllabus has been structured to provide the complete learning process of ASP.NET. Practical Test and periodic exercises will be provided to enrich the programming skills. You can able to provide the solution for a real world scenario in end of the training with your programming skill.

  • Course-Level:Intermediate/Experienced
  • Prerequisites:Knowledge on web development
  • Duration: 48 hrs

Asp.Net Training Course Syllabus

  • Basics
  • ASP.Net Lifecycle and Lifecycle events
  • State Management techniques of
  • Session
  • ViewState
  • Cookies
  • Application
  • HiddenFields
  • UserControl
  • Creation of user control
  • Usages of user control
  • CustomControl
  • Creation of CustomControl
  • Usages of CustomControl
  • Gridview
  • Insert a record
  • Edit a record
  • Candidate will be able to develop Web applications using the .NET Framework
  • Entry-level Website Developer