Programming in C,C++,C#


C# has followed the best features from their ancestors such as c, c++ and Java. By having their own best features C# is still leading as the solution provider to various hypothetical problems. has been derived from the various extracts of object oriented programming. C# has the Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction which are the backbone of object oriented programming. Divide and conquer not only applicable for King Makers but also for the c# programmers. By Learning C# with us you can have a clear knowledge about where the IT industry are using C#.NET. will provide tons of features to divide the complex and enterprise problems into various other logical small units. These logical small units in turn have been reused in various scenarios to handle the problem.
Classes and objects have played a vital role in c# and they are key fundamentals of OOP. In depth definition of these will be given along with the correlation of the objects. Generics, Delegates various other key features will be covered along with hands on programming.
Garbage Collection, versioning support, improved security are the main habits that lead to competitive with other programming languages. Every real world objects have tremendous number of question capability. Our c# will give solution to every real world object.
AgileTEC will teach you C# with passion. Trainers will be more interactive and deals with real world problems and their solutions. Hands on programming will be provided to enhance the programming skills.
Syllabus has been structured to provide the complete learning process of C#. Practical Test and periodic exercises will be provided to enrich the programming skills. You can able to provide the solution for a real world scenario in end of the training with your programming skill.

  • Course-Level:Beginner/Intermediate
  • Prerequisites:Knowledge on object oriented programming concepts
  • Duration: 34 hrs

C#.NET Course Syllabus

    .Net Framework and Fundamentals • Learn Common Language Runtime (CLR) • Learn Common Type System (CTS) • Learn Common Language Specification (CLS) • What is Managed Code? • Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) • Just In Time Compiler (JIT) • Assembly • Types of Assembly • Garbage Collection • Strong Name • Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Object Oriented Programming • Inheritance • Single Level inheritance • Multilevel Inheritance • Polymorphism • Compile time Polymorphism • Operator Overloading • Method Overloading • Runtime Polymorphism • Delegates • Abstraction • Encapsulation • Properties • Generics Access Modifiers • Private • Internal • Protected • Protected Internal Virtual keyword New Keyword Classes • Essential of Class • How to create the Class Objects • Essential of Object • How to create an object Exception Handling • try block • Catch block • finally block
  • Candidate will be able to develop desktop applications using the C#.NET Framework
  • Software developer

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