.Net framework


.NET(.NET Framework) a perfect programming language which was developed by Microsoft Corporation by February 2002. .NET framework has various set of libraries. These libraries will support various languages such as VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET etc. These libraries are the pillars for the .NET framework. Architects of .NET framework have faced so many problems while coding in the C, C++ environment. They give the correct solutions for these problems by giving numerous and extensive features in .NET framework.
    Rich support of Graphical user interface is one of the big features. Using IDE we can drag and drop many controls without need to code it. The code will generate automatically while drag and drop.

Ton and tons of features they are adding in the every framework release. Silver-light, Azure are latest technologies having many of features. AgileTEC provides the quality training with excellent knowledge with real-time projects. Our .NET Training always tends with practical which will help you in companies.
Intellisense is another good feature. This feature will auto complete the words when you type in IDE. Intellisense will suggest you the various words when you type a letter or more. This feature will really make programmer to forget about their syntax while coding.
Thus .NET is having various features to make their programmers to concentrate on their applications. Come to the world of .NET here every DOT will give many solutions to your problem.

  • Course-Level:Intermediate/Experienced
  • Prerequisites:Working knowledge of Java
  • Duration: 40 hrs